Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Women in the workplace

I'm personally somewhere in the middle of complimentarian vs. egalistarianism. I believe that the Bible could be speaking about women historically in the sense that women couldn't talk in public places, but I still find it hard to reconcile with the literal tone taken throughout multiple parts of scripture regarding this issue.

Open Theism

I disagree with Open Theists in the sense that we have true free will. I believe that predestination is God's sovereign breathing out of history.


Pannenberg believes that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was more of a foreshadowing of what is to come than an actual event. This contradicts historical and theological logic.

Vatican Sequel

Vatican II addressed the outdated Catholic Church and how it could more be like the rest of the modern world. This was a good evangelistic tool for them, as they were largely seen as legalistic, boring, traditional, and legalistic.

Stop emerging

The emerging church is a growing phenomenon in the modern Christian world. It's flash and zeal, yet lack of any real theological substance beg the question: Why?

New Paul

The new perspective on Paul deals with the framework in which Paul was writing. In the Pauline epistles, many contemporary Christians see it through the lens of Luther, when really (some theologians would contend) he was writing about Jews.

The Bible

I believe The Bible is infallible. If I'm a Christian and I only believe that certain parts of the Bible are true, than how can I logically conclude that any of it is true?